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PassCheck PeopleCounter++ - People Counting System

  • A system for registration and performing detailed analysis of numbers of people,
    customers and visitors.

  • PassCheck PeopleCounter++ – number one among the automated systems
    for counting visitors, customers and clients.

  • Invest with us in the PassCheck PeopleCounter++.

  • You will acquire an effective marketing tool for

    • strategic and tactical marketing management
    • customer flow analyses
    • precise statistical data as a basis for trend analyses
    • effective evaluation of advertising and promotional actions
    • differentiation of rental zones
    • optimal evaluation of opening hours
    • visitor traffic / turnover analyses
    • comparison analyses of specific time periods
    • optimal planning of staffing levels
    • and a lot of other benefits ...

  • PassCheck PeopleCounter++ means reliability

  • The PassCheck PeopleCounter++ systems provide information and statistical data on the number of people, visitors, customers or passengers processed as a complex set of data of high informative level.

  • They achieve high accuracy thanks to cutting-edge technologies and standard industrial software providing proven advanced functions. Modularity of the system enables user-friendly design and upgrade.

  • Our customers include shopping centres, malls and supermarkets. The system is also utilised in other commercial and industrial sectors, such as airports, railway stations, libraries, banks and office buildings. PassCheck is also installed in swimming pools and post offices.

  • PassCheck PeopleCounter++ – an adaptable system for counting people

  • Each visitor is automatically registered exactly where needed. You can have the results available where it is the most convenient for you – at the PassCheck control units, on your PC or notebook, or you can download the results over a network or the Internet. The easy access to information allows you to create specialised configurations, prognoses, tables, charts or printed reports.

  • This information can help you with your marketing campaigns and their planning in real time, and all this at minute, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly intervals. By comparing current and historical events, it is possible to anticipate trends and take immediate steps.

  • The system creates statistics of people flow. You can have useful information on the number of people at entrances, but also at other strategic points in the building, such as staircases, escalators, lifts and car parks. People flow can be monitored independently in both directions.

  • Reference installations ...