Pro Elsyco s.r.o. Pardubice - W2P
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W2P - Video signal text overlay

  • Module W2P inserts a text string brought to the serial input of the module
    to the video signal passing through the module

  • Typical applications

    • Checking cash register operators
    • Matching the charged-for goods with the sold goods
    • Checking claimed work time in attendance systems
    • Checking access of authorised persons in access systems
    • Display of measured values and parameters in the images of cameras at the technology lines control panel

  • Advantages of W2P

    • Serial input for text is open to serial output
    • Adjustable position of text in the image
    • Adjustable number of characters per line
    • Adjustable colour and translucency of the text on the background
    • Adjustable amplification of the passing video signal
    • Communication speed 1 200 Bd to 115 200 Bd
    • Power supply - 7-15VDC